1. About cookies:

Cookies are small files, registered on the user terminal, which contain information related to its navigation on the website pages.

2. The role of cookies on the « www.be-only.com » website

When an Internet user visits the « www.be-only.com » website , it can, according to the navigation settings, submit cookies on its computer, tablet computer or its phone.
Cookies have for main objective to improve your browsing experience on the website. For example, it is thanks to the cookies that the « www.be-only.com » website remembers your password so you do not have to register again for other session. Cookies also offer products selection and appropriate offers. Under no circumstances cookies are allow to personally identify an Internet user.

2.1. BE ONLY cookies

Cookies published by BE ONLY have several purposes:
-A technical purpose: cookies are used to store information entered by the customer, to secure the customer access account, to manage the shopping cart.
-A statistical purpose: cookies are used to make visitor statistics in order to improve its content.
-A personalization purpose: cookies are used to offer customer offers related to their interests.

2.2. Third cookies

When an Internet user visits « www.be-only.com », partner companies cookies may be placed on the terminal. These cookies are made to identify the pages visited by the user, to offer, at a later stage, appropriate offers aside from the BE ONLY website.

3. Cookies configuration

While navigation on the website « www.be-only.com », the user accepts the use of cookies described above. If he does not want « www.be-only.com » website to set cookies, the user must configure his web browser as follow. Be aware that, this may affect your navigation comfort and prevent access to certain services.
According to your software program, you have to go over the appropriate page, to make the wished settings. Generally, you will find more information on the menu bar, button "Help" which will precise how to refuse new cookies and how to deactivated the previous ones.
You will find below detailed information regarding the settings modification of the most common browsers :


1. Open Firefox
2. In the menu, click "Tools" then "Options"
3. Select the "Privacy" tab
4. In the right drop-down menu "conservation policies," select "Use custom settings for history”
5. Uncheck "Enable cookies"
6. Save your preferences, select "OK"


1. Open Internet Explorer
2. In the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options"
3. Click the "Privacy" tab
4. Click "Advanced" and uncheck "Accept"
5. Save your preferences, select "OK"


1. Open Google Chrome
2. Click the Tools icon in the menu bar
3. Select "Options"
4. Click the tab "Advanced Options"
5. In the menu "Cookie settings" select "Block all cookies"


1. Open Safari
2. In the top menu bar, click "Safari," and then "Preferences"
3. Select the "Security" icon
4. Next to "Accept Cookies" select "Never"